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There is a new paradigm in athletic performance…Body Balance for Performance.  The Golf Fitness Experts help golfers enhance their performance and decrease the incidence of injury or re-injury. We do this by offering highly individualized evaluations and programs  that are customized to each unique golfer.

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Body Balance for Performance…The Golf Fitness Experts!!!

Get started on to achieving ultimate golf fitness by beginning with a Golf Performance Evaluation. During this two hour assessment, you undergo a two hour objective analysis to detect and quantify unwantedBBFP 028 changes in bio-mechanics and deficiencies in athletic performance. You, the golfer, get a computerized motion analysis to evaluate swing bio- mechanics. Next, we set up a program incorporating the objective data and a comprehensive assessment of YOUR performance goals.

We do not do just physical training. We have moved beyond “the golf fitness fad” and created real performance changes in golfers. The same techniques used with the best players in the world are available to YOU!  Direct manual and physical therapy intervention is integrated with targeted functional training. Your golf specific physical performance enhancement involves stretching, movement re-education, and strengthening.

Give us two hours, bring a seven iron and REALLY find out what your body, Your Most Important Piece of Golf Equipment, can and can not do.

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