Meet John Winget


I would like to introduce myself to you. I am a private practice Physical Therapist and have a personal passion for the game of golf. I have been practicing Physical Therapy fo 31 years and have worked with many of West Chester’s physicians and many Golf Professionals from area country clubs. My office became a licensed center for FitGolf Performance Centers for Performance in January 1998 and has served a number of golfers and golf professionals.

FitGolf Performance Centers is the complete golf health and fitness training program. We design programs which are customized to the individual golfer’s needs. The goal is to maximize golf performance potential. Our goal is to help golfers play the most enjoyable injury-free golf for a lifetime. I have extensive training in delivering the program and am the only licensed center in West Chester County. I am pleased to be a part of this unique and outstanding approach to providing golf performance enhancement to you, the avid golfer.


John Winget, PT, DPT, TPI_CGFI