“As you know, I recently returned from a golf holiday in Canada. While we were there my playing companions were constantly amazed at the improvement in my golfing capabilities. I owe a great deal of this improvement to you and your FitGolf Performance Centers program. I feel the time and effort I have devoted to your program has been extremely worthwhile. I would urge any golfer who wants to get better to take advantage of your program. It truly works on the only piece of equipment you can’t buy in the pro-shop. I will endeavor to keep up with the program and look forward to even better success on the golf course.”

– J.K. – Vice President


” I would like to take this opportunity to express my opinion of the FitGolf Performance Centers Program. In my opinion, the program provides the missing link to golf instruction and technique.   How many players are there that take lessons and do not improve? The number is staggering. Quite often the player will change golf instructors looking for some new swing theory which will help them. Unfortunately, swing theory can only help the student to the degree that his or her body allow sit to. This is where I feel Body Balance comes in. By increasing flexibility, strength, and the range of motion of the player, the player can get closer to proper technique and limit hid or her number of swing compensations. Imagine the advantage a conditioned athlete has over an unconditioned one. Body Balance had made serious improvement possible in a fairly short duration of time.”

– J.B. – Assistant Golf Professional


“I wish to than you for introducing me to your golf improvement course, FitGolf Performance Centers . The stretches are exactly what I have been needing and also using the exercise ball has greatly improved my balance and coordination throughout my golf swing. It has improved my golf game by at least 5 strokes. At first I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but quickly the program fit nicely into my daily routine. It didn’t take me long each day to complete the exercises. It allowed me to achieve a better golf swing than I was currently using. It also gave me the confidence to go out and play great golf. Thanks again for a really great program. It is definitely worth it.”

– W.H.


“FitGolf Performance Centers lives up to its promise; improved posture, balance, flexibility and strength. John Winget developed an exercise program to fit my needs and the results are apparent of my scorecard! I have more consistency in my golf swing and I am hitting the ball longer. The results are evident in lower scores and more confidence in all of my  shots. Thanks John!”

– M.L.